Newspapers and Magazines:

Newspapers and Magazines: Compared to television advertising, print advertising is relatively cheap. National newspapers and magazines still hold the loyalty of millions of readers and represent the whole range of opinions and lifestyles within a population. It is relatively easy for your company to establish the demographics of the target market and advertise to a mass market or focus their advertising on particular market segments. To compete with digital output, most newspapers and magazines have their own website and some have ventured into the subscription market such as the Times Group and the Wall Street Journal offered as Apps on smart phones and e-readers such as the iPad.

Radio advertising / FM

Radio advertising / FM – this is also one of the relevant channel for marketing specially regional products and services through various FM Radio Ad Campaign at appropriate Time Slot Selected according to demography.

Television Advertising:

Television Advertising: Television is vital for online businesses. Your company’s brand presence on TV can lend credibility to your business and expose that brand to a much larger audience initially than online advertising. TV advertising drives all other forms of promotion. Time Slot Selection, FCT, L Band, Action Band, Animated Action Band, Logo Bug are the mediums through which you can advertise effectively.

Film Advertising

Film Advertising: It delivers your message to a targeted audience. On-screen copy can use full sight, sound, motion special effects and animation to increase ad impact. Unlike radio Cinema film advertising will be enough as the audience are engaged in the situation during the film.

Outdoor Advertising:

Outdoor Advertising: Paper Insertion, Sign Boards, Bus Branding, Auto Rickshaw Advertising, Advertising in Private & Public Parking Lots, Advertisement in Supermarket, Advertising in Tec parks, Advertising in Malls & Multiplex, Advertisement in Airports, Digital Sign Boards & Hoarding Services

Window Display

Window Display “Effective window displays incorporate a theme to promote the products and services according to colour, shape, style, occasion or category of product”. “They should narrate a story, communicate an idea”. The display must be eye catching.

Fairs and Exhibition:

Fairs and Exhibition: Corporate Events, Mob Flash, Mall Activities

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